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CloudSpeed 500 SSD Changes Enterprise Storage TCO

The CloudSpeed 500 SSD delivers up to 5x higher endurance than competing client SSDs.

It’s an exciting day for us at SMART Storage Systems, as we announced this morning the CloudSpeed 500 SSD. This new SSD extends endurance up to 5x over commercial MLC through the utilization of our proprietary Guardian Technology Platform. With CloudSpeed 500, we’re filling a hole for enterprise applications that use light to mixed workloads.

In the past, enterprise organizations utilized client-class SSDs with consumer MLC flash because it provided significant performance improvements over traditional hard disk drives (HDD). Higher-endurance SSDs utilizing single-level cell (SLC) flash were simply too costly. However, client-class SSDs are designed for read-intensive environments and quickly wear out in typical cloud storage and server mixed workload environments. This has forced IT managers to use a consumption model, resulting in the need to replace an SSD multiple times within a typical warranty period, driving up total cost of ownership (TCO).

The CloudSpeed 500 alleviates the opportunity costs of choosing one type of SSD over the other and enables enterprise organizations to extend the working life of their storage and avoid constant SSD replacement. In the end, we are closing the gap between client-class SSDs and enterprise-class SSDs, thus proliferating the availability of the SSD for all.

By fundamentally changing the TCO for cloud storage and server applications, CloudSpeed 500 is changing the storage landscape.

For more information on CloudSpeed 500, visit, or view the press release online.

-          Esther Spanjer, Director, SSD Technical Marketing, SMART Storage Systems

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