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Crossing the Pond

Following a successful week overseas, we’re happy to announce our presence in Europe!

Now that we have expanded our reach to another continent, it should be known that we are targeting the European market in our next stage of growth. Our goal is to bring enterprise class SSDs to the European market and deliver solutions to organizations where the traditional hard-drives or client MLC SSDs just aren’t cutting it. Not to mention, we are looking to outfit European data centers with the answer to the inherent endurance issues of NAND Flash.Because we are the only enterprise SSD vendor with strong corporate roots in both the Flash and enterprise storage industries, we were able to quickly capitalize on this market expansion to Europe. By securing significant engagements with multiple Tier-1 OEMs in the US so quickly, we are confident our products can provide the performance, capacity, reliability, and endurance that European enterprises need.

We also think our Guardian Technology Platform will really set us apart in Europe. Europe has yet to see such a quantum improvement in Flash management technology as can be seen in our Guardian Technology Platform. The type that enables MLC Flash-based SSDs from 3 drive writes per day to 50 full drive writes per day for a period of five years. Our Guardian Technology Platform fills a hole in the European SSD market where other companies just don’t bring the goods to the table.

These certainly are exciting times. In less than a year we have expanded our presence to other continents. Needless to say, we can’t wait to find out what the future will bring!

-          John Scaramuzzo, President, SMART Storage Systems

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