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Response to SearchSolidStateStorage’s “Prolonging SSD Life”

In a recent article on SearchSolidStateStorage, Phil Goodwin discussed the benefits of prolonging the life of SSDs. One might see how this caught our attention as prolonging SSD life is what we excel at. After all, what is the value of performance and capacity if SSDs aren’t built for the future of the enterprise? For the most part, Phil got it right – most notably when he advises that in order to prolong the life of your SSD, you should “know your application data usage characteristics” and “don’t put cost above business value.”  Since we are the endurance experts, we wanted to add our two cents on the article.

In case you missed our second “SMART” tips post in July, we talked about innovative technologies that extend endurance. Until recently, SSD endurance was a function of the component level endurance of the Flash technology used in the drive. High endurance was achieved by using SLC NAND Flash, but SSDs based on this Flash technology were cost prohibitive for most enterprise applications. Lower cost was achieved through the usage of MLC NAND Flash, but SSDs based on this technology could not be used for mainstream write-intensive workloads due to their quick wear out.

Our innovative FlashGuard technology eliminates the tradeoff between cost and endurance, by extracting higher endurance from MLC Flash, well beyond the standard component specifications. By applying Flash management techniques such as signal processing and Aggregated Flash management, endurance can be extended. These type of technologies allow our customers to take advantage of better performing storage at a lower price.

Overall, it was a great article and we are glad that Phil is sharing the importance of endurance with his readers.

What do you think of endurance? What types of measures do you take to prolong the lives of your SSDs?

-          Esther Spanjer, Director of SSD Technical Marketing, SMART Storage Systems

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