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Guardian Technology Platform Now Supports 19nm MLC Flash

What’s more exciting than attending SNW Europe to showcase SMART Storage Systems’ enterprise SSDs? Announcing at the show that our award-winning Guardian Technology Platform has enabled the use of 19nm MLC NAND Flash for enterprise applications! With a smaller and more cost-effective 19nm process node, we can provide data centers and cloud environments with the best combination of performance and endurance, lowering the storage TCO.

Until recently, OEMs and enterprises have leveraged SSD performance to meet increasing throughput requirements being placed on the data center. However, due to the high costs associated with eMLC and SLC SSDs, enterprise data centers often turned to consumer-grade MLC SSD solutions. The problem with consumer-grade MLC SSD solutions is that they are not designed for mixed workload applications and quickly burn out in enterprise environments. As Flash geometry continues to get smaller, native MLC Flash endurance is reduced, leading to a higher storage TCO due to drive replacement costs. Organizations do not have an option when it comes to replacing their drives – they have to. If they don’t, it leads to increasingly quick error rates and error recovery, overall affecting performance. Our Guardian Technology Platform provides additional endurance to consumer-grade MLC Flash to combat this increasingly relevant issue.

From the very start, we have focused on making the most cost-effective Flash media enterprise read. As Storage Switzerland puts it, we are “addressing the two key challenges holding the flash industry back; cost and endurance.” Our Guardian Technology Platform allows us to manipulate the physics of NAND Flash in ways that no other SSD vendor can claim. By increasing performance and extending endurance through the 19nm Flash node, we can take advantage of the most cost-effective Flash and pass the benefits directly on to enterprise organizations and OEMs!

For more information on how our Guardian Technology Platform now supports 19nm MLC Flash, check out our recent press release.

-          John Scaramuzzo, President, SMART Storage Systems

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