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Our CloudSpeed Family Is Growing

At Storage Visions 2013 last week, we announced not one, but two new solid-state drives! Join us in welcoming CloudSpeed 1000 and CloudSpeed 1000E to the CloudSpeed family. By leveraging 19nm consumer-grade multi-level cell (MLC) Flash, these new drives can deliver up to five times better endurance over competing SSDs. As a result, the CloudSpeed 1000 and CloudSpeed 1000E provide the lowest cost per terabyte written (TBW) in the industry!

In our recent survey, 70 percent of industry influencers listed total cost of ownership (TCO) as the biggest obstacle from transitioning to an all-Flash storage environment. To reduce costs whilst still making the transition to flash, organizations often deploy client-class SSDs leveraging MLC Flash. Unfortunately, because client-class SSDs are designed for read-intensive applications, they often wear-out quickly in enterprise applications.

Today’s data center managers are unaware that using client MLC SSDs in enterprise applications actually increases the overall storage TCO. The new CloudSpeed product line offers enterprise organizations the endurance required for enterprise environments. Ultimately, by leveraging the CloudSpeed product line, data center managers will spend less time and money and avoid the rip-and-replace game. Here is what Joe Unsworth, vice president at Gartner, had to say about the need for such SSDs:

“With the rise of many real-time applications and cloud computing services, data creation and processing requirements have grown at an unprecedented rate and are only gaining steam. SSDs have moved from showing promise that they can tackle these large data sets, to now being mandatory if organizations are to remain competitive. By 2017, the reliability of the Flash used will decline nearly 30 percent, making it increasingly important for vendors to find ways to innovate so they can simultaneously meet data center performance, endurance, reliability and cost requirements.”

Which is exactly what CloudSpeed SSDs do. They were designed to meet the performance and endurance requirements of the data center at a cost suitable for enterprise organizations.

For more information on SMART Storage Systems solutions, including the new CloudSpeed SSDs, check out , or view the press release online.

-          John Scaramuzzo, President, SMART Storage Systems

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