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Response to SearchSolidStateStorage’s “Prolonging SSD Life”

In a recent article on SearchSolidStateStorage, Phil Goodwin discussed the benefits of prolonging the life of SSDs. One might see how this caught our attention as prolonging SSD life is what we excel at. After all, what is the value of performance and capacity if SSDs aren’t built for the future of the enterprise? For … Continue reading »

Are we finally approaching the dawn of the SSD?

One of the industry’s most visible analysts, Jim Handy, recently posted an article on his Forbes blog titled, “SSD Growth is Demand, not Supply, Limited as CEOs Claim.” In the article, he disputes the opinions of the CEOs of Seagate, Western Digital, and SanDisk, all of whom believe that the SSD will never replace the … Continue reading »

Flash Back: The History and Evolution of the SSD

Last week, I took a look at the key trends coming up on the horizon for flash memory. This week, I’m taking a look back at the history of SSDs… With the storage industry’s attention shifting from traditional hard drives to solid-state storage devices in recent years, it is easy to forget SSD technology has … Continue reading »


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