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Response to SearchSolidStateStorage’s “Prolonging SSD Life”

In a recent article on SearchSolidStateStorage, Phil Goodwin discussed the benefits of prolonging the life of SSDs. One might see how this caught our attention as prolonging SSD life is what we excel at. After all, what is the value of performance and capacity if SSDs aren’t built for the future of the enterprise? For … Continue reading »

Will Data Center Storage Infrastructure Ever Become 100% Solid-State Based?

We recently came across an interesting article by our good friend, George Crump of Storage Switzerland, which appeared in Storage Newsletter earlier this month. The article, “SSD Can Now Achieve HDD Price Parity” discusses the ability for SSDs to achieve price parity with HDDs today by abandoning HDD form factors in favor of less-expensive, proprietary … Continue reading »

Crossing the Pond

Following a successful week overseas, we’re happy to announce our presence in Europe! Now that we have expanded our reach to another continent, it should be known that we are targeting the European market in our next stage of growth. Our goal is to bring enterprise class SSDs to the European market and deliver solutions … Continue reading »

Demartek SSD Deployment Guide Release Gets SMART

Good news for technical professionals! Due to the enthusiasm for solid-state storage in the data center, the analyst firm, Demartek, has recently released an SSD Deployment Guide. As you will see in the video below, we were one of the companies included in this edition of Demartek’s series of technology deployment guides. Within the report, … Continue reading »

Are we finally approaching the dawn of the SSD?

One of the industry’s most visible analysts, Jim Handy, recently posted an article on his Forbes blog titled, “SSD Growth is Demand, not Supply, Limited as CEOs Claim.” In the article, he disputes the opinions of the CEOs of Seagate, Western Digital, and SanDisk, all of whom believe that the SSD will never replace the … Continue reading »

“SMART” Tips on SSD Selection: Endurance

The second post in our “SMART” tips series discusses one of the most important features you should consider when looking for SSDs: endurance. In case you missed the first “SMART” tips post in May, I began offering tips on selecting the best enterprise SSD for your organization. In our last post, we talked about the … Continue reading »

Customer Highlight: X-IO Wins a Pair of Awards with SMART Storage Systems SSDs Inside

Last month we received some very exciting news from our customer X-IO. We have been working with X-IO for a couple years now and have developed a great partnership centered on solving enterprise storage needs. Well, that work has paid off! During last month’s Microsoft TechEd North America event, X-IO’s Hyper ISE was given both … Continue reading »

‘SMART’ take on SearchSolidStateStorage

Last week, I came across an article in SearchSolidStateStorage that truly caught my eye. How couldn’t it with a title like, “When using SSD is a bad idea!” While there certainly were some valid points, I kept thinking the proper response was “never!” I wanted to use this post to respond to, and provide added … Continue reading »

A SMART Take on Storage Industry Dynamics: A Q&A with John Scaramuzzo

In response to an article titled, “2011-2016 CAGR of 8.6% in Revenues for HDD Industry” on, we asked SMART Storage Systems President and storage veteran, John Scaramuzzo, for his take. Mr. Scaramuzzo has over 25 years of experience in storage design and leadership in both the HDD and SSD markets, making him an ideal … Continue reading »

IBM eXFlash with XceedIOPS SATA Offers Alternative to PCIe SSDs

We partnered with IBM and Storage Switzerland on a four-part series of articles for this prominent storage news site. The series will highlight the advantages of IBM’s eXFlash solution, in combination with SMART Storage Systems’ XceedIOPS 1.8” SATA SSDs. Commencing the lineup is an article titled, “Alternatives To PCIe SSD In Servers” which discusses benefits … Continue reading »


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